Relu is a family man. He has two children, a wife, and a double life. Seen through the eyes of his family, Relu Oncescu appears to be an ordinary taxi driver. No one suspects that Relu ...

Duration:45 min




Season 1 - Umbre
28 Dec 2014
"Bucharest. It is just an ordinary summer day. For Relu, who works as a taxi driver, it is a day like any other. But Relu is not just a normal taxi driver. He is also a debt collector ..."
28 Dec 2014
"After a discussion in the park, Nico asks Relu to recover a group of prostitutes who are under the protection of Capitanu '. The girls were attacked and taken prisoners. Relu takes Teddy ..."
04 Jan 2015
"When Teddy accompanies Relu to take care of \"business\" again, Capitanu' is pleased with the results: Teddy has shown he can handle it. A very important meeting takes place between Mr. Toma ..."
11 Jan 2015
"Gina finds out what her husband really does for a living. Suspicious Gina follows Relu just to discover he is meeting a woman at a gym, but fails to unravel her identity. Tanase barely ..."
18 Jan 2015
"After finding out about Relu's real job, Gina does not want him in their house. For the Oncescu family things start falling apart. Relu can't go home anymore and spends his nights in pubs. ..."
25 Jan 2015
"Mr. Puiu has some memory problems and decides to pay a visit to a doctor, a good friend of his; he discovers some unsettling things. At school, Chuckie is challenged by a classmate, gets ..."
01 Feb 2015
"Mr. Puiu is on the mobster's blacklist and everyone is looking for him. Meanwhile he surprises Chuckie. Relu has returned home and he decides to change his life. When Relu goes to see ..."
08 Feb 2015
"After he almost lost his life, Relu returns home and he finds out that the money taken from Capitanu is in his house. When Teddy visits his father in the hospital, he learns that Relu is in..."