Friends with Better Lives

A comedy centered around six 30-something friends who each think the other has it better.

Duration:22 min




Season 1 - Friends with Better Lives
"When Jules meets Lowell, the man of her dreams, during a whirlwind romance and decides to get married, her friends start to examine their own love lives. Meanwhile, to prove to Will that she isn't picky and shallow, Kate lets him set her up on a blind date."
"Concerned about their boring love life, Andi and Bobby try to spice things up. Meanwhile, Kate investigates Lowell's past relationships, and Will misinterprets signals from his ex."
"When Will struggles to meet women on his own, Kate takes him to a bar and acts as his wingman. Meanwhile, Andi's pregnancy hormones heighten her sense of smell and her libido."
"Trying to be more adventurous, Will \"sexts\" with his new date; Kate catches Jules and Andi wedding-planning without her."
"Kate accidentally sleeps with a male escort and tries to figure out how to take it back. Meanwhile, Bobby and Andi deal with an escaped rat in their attic and Will thinks Lowell has stolen his jacket."
"Lowell accompanies Will and Bobby on a night of debauchery; Kate thinks Jules gets special treatment because she is attractive."
"Kate realizes the man she is dating has a daughter -- who is old enough to date Will; Rick notices a flirtation between Andi and a playgroup dad."
"Will gives his trainer pointers before Kate goes on another date with him; Andi tries to impress her gorgeous male nanny."
"Bobby\u2019s idea of a surprise gift for Andi doesn\u2019t resonate with the friends, and Kate finally intervenes, showing him a few tricks in the process."
"Out to prove she's not \"un-setup-able,\" Kate persuades Lowell to fix her up with his friend. Andi decides to get more involved in the neighborhood, but Bobby's not on board with the idea. "
"Lowell and Jules decide to adopt a dog, but Jules takes it to the extreme when she gets to the shelter."
"Will signs up for online dating and challenges Kate to see who can find a better mate. Andi goes to extremes to get Charlie into a posh preschool, and Jules fills in as Kate's assistant. "
"Will pretends to be Kate's date at a wedding, but is having a case of beer goggles. Andi and Bobby are excited to spend their first night away from their son, but things don't go as planned. Jules & Lowell wonder if marriage kills romance. "